The Arbeia Journal 1993 Volume 2

Arbeia Journal 1993: Volume 2

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Arbeia Journal 1993: Volume 2
Arbeia Society publishes a Journal series, consisting of papers focusing on Roman period archaeological research in the region and the results of re-enactment research, plus full of excavation reports.

Volume 2 1993


W. B. Griffiths & D. Sim Experiments with replica Roman javelins

M. E. Snape A group of brooches in the Museum of Antiquities, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

W. B. Griffiths Excavation to the north-east of Wallsend Roman Fort  1993


D. Sim The manufacture of javelin heads

A. T. Croom The reconstruction of a Roman vexillum

P. Carrick & I .P. Stephenson Painting a Roman shield Excavation Summary South Shields (Morton Walk), South Shields (Mill Dam), Washing Wells Reviews

D. Robinson Wass The Amateur Archaeologist

W. B. Griffiths Potter & Johns, Roman Britain G. Stobbs Hopkins, Walking the Wall

P. Mullis Peterson The Legions Recreated in Colour Photographs

Published by Arbeia Society

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