Digging Deeper Book by Dave Heslop and Zoe McAuley ISBN 9781857951349

Digging Deeper Book

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Digging Deeper Book
Digging Deeper: the archaeology of Newcastle and Gateshead from the earliest times to the middle age. In the beginning was the river. Long before the Romans built their world famous Wall from Wallsend to the Solway Firth there were Tynesiders living by the River Tyne, that vital source of food, communication, a barrier and a protection. Some of the earliest inhabitants left only traces for archaeologists to investigate, buried beneath layers of subsequent human activity. Later peoples left more obvious clues to their lives in the form of graves, walls, buildings, belongings and litter. Archaeologists are the detectives who painstakingly unpick these accidental clues to make us a window into the lives of our ancestors, which seem so different to our own. Tyne and Wear County Archaeologist Dave Heslop, and archaeological researcher Zoe McAuley tell the story of the excavations and exciting discoveries made in Newcastle and Gateshead. Detailed and colourful reconstructions of Roman and Medieval Tyneside, and a wealth of finds, illustrations and excavation photographs bring these vanished worlds to life.
Published: Tyne Bridge Publishing in association with Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums., November 2011.
Written: Dave Heslop and Zoe McAuley.
ISBN: 9781857951349
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