Dockside, Sunderland Lowry  50x70cm Poster

Dockside, Sunderland Lowry 50x70cm Poster

Product code: 2300000013634
Dockside, Sunderland Lowry 50x70cm Poster
Dockside, Sunderland L.S. Lowry 50x70cm Poster. TWCMS : R321. Actual image size 45x62cm. Original painting held at Sunderland Museums & Winter Garden. This is a view over the Lambton Drops on the River Wear, seen from Lowry's favourite vantage point. In this version a row of small railway wagons appears in the foreground, while in 'River Wear at Sunderland' they have been transformed into huts. Many of Lowry's industrial paintings of the Manchester-Salford area are composite images, mixing real and imaginary features. He called them 'dreamscapes'. Many of his paintings of the North East show a similar approach - instantly recognisable, but not necessarily accurate in detail.

View at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

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Artist Lowry, L.S.
catagory Art poster
Colour Colour
Venue Shipley Art Gallery
Size 50cm x 70cm
EAN Does not apply
GTIN Does not apply
MPN Does not apply
Material Paper
Brand Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums
Condition New
Product Code 2300000013634
Weight 0.1kg