Woolly Mammoth Soft Toy (26cm)

Woolly Mammoth Soft Toy (26cm)

Product code: 5708476088151
Woolly Mammoth Soft Toy (26cm)
The Woolly Mammoth is an icon of the last Ice Age, having been depicted in countless cave drawings by our early ancestors. Finally, they became extinct around 4000 years ago.

The long coat of fur, for which the Woolly Mammoth is known, makes this soft toy the most cuddly of all.

Approximately 26cm

View at Great North Museum: Hancock

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catagory Soft Toy
Colour Brown
EAN 5708476088151
Height 26cm
Venue Great North Museum: Hancock
Brand Nature Planet
Condition New
Product Code 5708476088151
Weight 0.34kg